engagewithlifee asked: Hello Alessi, I absolutely love your blog and the way you cast your words. Looking forward for more of your wonderful entries. Thanks for the follow and see you around! Hope to be friends with you. <3

awww thank you so much for the sweet words, faith! thanks for the follow as well, wishing you the best of luck in the fine art of dentistry ;)

Alessi Likes Flume and Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings that call for sleeping in, sipping tea, and my most worn-in gray v-neck. This is one of those days where I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing exactly what I should be doing. And to make things even more spectacularly chill than they already are, I think I’ve found the most ideal background music to compliment this lazy overcast morning.

Flume further concretizes my idea of Aussies being one of the coolest batch of creative minds around. His mixes, conceived from a wide range of genres including hiphop, house and indie pop, have that signature staggering progression that sound distinct yet at the same time cohesive, present in every remix and at varying degrees. Nothing seems too contrived or or thought of, just all seamlessly inspired melodies pieced together. There must be something in those Australian waters. Happy Sunday!

Alessi x NurseLife


I’ve actually written a lengthy entry on this particular facet of my life and stowed it away in my drafts folder, hoping to share it soon, then decided otherwise. I shall instead leave you with these photos, because at the moment I don’t know how much I’m supposed to devulge, and how much I should hold back on. All I really feel like saying now is that i have my good days and bad days, and that steady stream of in-betweens in which I earnestly attempt to tread.

Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst.

Yara Bashraheel

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Phase I.a.: Create a Concept - The Uniform

Now we continue with my project of Into-Mind’s “Building a Capsule Wardrobe.” (Part 1 here.)

The other half of the first step to creating a capsule wardrobe is to select a “uniform,” which basically refers to the first garment you reach for in your closet at the thought of getting dressed, as well as items that you can easily see yourself wearing. The common denominators of my uniform are obviously button-downs, v-neck shirts and a ton of denim in every variation of length and fit (although I’m partial to high-waisted skinnies and boyfriends); thrown into the mix are those viral loose strappy tanks, bottoms in interesting cuts and textures, your standard-issue crop top and something a little slutty for good measure. Proportions include: croptop - high waist jeans, button-down - denim, v-neck - statement skirt, stappy tank - skinny jeans.

From the way I see it, my “uniform” is to be the basis from which all other clothing choices will be selected and assimilated, which should make for a more cohesive and wearable wardrobe - composed mainly of items I like, which actually go well together.

Alessi Likes Weekends Off

Yep, my weekend was a pretty good one. After my Baguio plans fell through I was left with my trusty plan B, a good dose of faith and all the optimism I could muster, which fortunately resulted in an absolutely relaxing and fun staycation spent reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Highlights include but not limited to: stories shared over coffee, beers, and pasta, under the intervals of gloomy skies, stars and rain drops, as well as some much-needed solitary peace in the comfiest sheets, the fluffiest pillows, and the prettiest damn pool I’ve seen in a while.


Today I’ve decided to make a commitment to pursue my passions, to make time for things and people I love, make a conscious effort to eat healthier and make better choices for my body and well-being, to take the time to treat myself, to live in contentment, and to be brave enough to believe I can get whatever I want. Might seem a little too ambitious to contain such large-scale priorities in one paragraph, but I’ve always seen myself as that kind of girl anyways.

Two Grams of Zara



Just dumping some square-frames featuring random finds from what’s left of Zara’s mid-year sale, in which I practically trick myself into thinking slim-fit jeans can pass off as boyfriends in my stunted frame, among other forms of prodding (it has such a nice distressed color, it has all these cute little rips all over… the extent to which I coax myself into a purchase knows no bounds) thus resulting in a very untimely impulse purchase, and the unprecedented exercise of my principle to refuse taking shit from anyone (but that’s another story.)


How’s everyone doing? Sincerely hope everyone’s safe and dry. Personally very happy that power’s back in our place as most of the metro is still experiencing a wide-spread black out, and especially relieved that majority of the typhoon’s damage was on property rather than lives. Dealing with the #GlendaPH aftermath by checking out photos of uprooted trees and car wrecks Glenda had left in its wake and listening to a good dose of old-school JT. Had to go to work today (no surprise in that) as hospitals don’t really close regardless of whatever calamity goes down.

I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion.

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rheichism asked: Hi Alessi. I love ur blog. You got inspiring posts. :)

Aww that’s so sweet of you rheich! Likewise :) Thanks and have a great day!

Alessi Likes Stoneriver

Keeping tabs of these delicate, locally hand-crafted jewellery which I’ve had the pleasure of writing about on WhenInManila.com recently. Stoneriver is a bohemian line of accessories that feature various semi-precious stones dangled or looped through gold or silver-plated chains, combining effortless cool with a bit of dreamy mysticism that has basically created a trend for itself and has been plaguing the Instafeeds of every Kylie Jenner-wannabe and then some. But before I get ahead of myself and end up sounding like a cheesy online catalogue, I suggest heading over to Stoneriver’s website to check out all the lust-worthy goods.

White Wash

Being a very visual person often means finding comfort in admiring all sorts of beautiful imagery. With work becoming unbearably exhausting these days, I’ve found momentary relief in taking in all these lovely photos, especially those awash in the softest of white light. How do you de-stress?

All photos from my Pinterest

alyssaverano asked: hello! :)

Hi! How’ve you been? :)

Alessi Likes July

Sharing with you favorites from my Instagrid this July, containing what I’ve been seeing and experiencing for the first half of the month. Most memorable of which is the obscene amount of walking I’ve been doing around my city’s corner streets, sans the torrid summer sun that has been replaced by overcast monsoon skies, which I’ve found to be so therapeutic. At a close second are yoga classes, which always put me in a good mood, regardless of whatever circumstance I’m in. 

I’m glad to have finally made some sense out of all the aimless wandering and vague committments I’ve made for myself over the past few months. I like the clarity that comes with knowing where you are in life, where you are to go and how you are going to get there. All that’s left to do now is to carry it out, and I shall do so at my own sweet pace.

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